Ariel & Olivia


*Filmmaker in Attendance


Best friends Ariel and Olivia’s getaway to Johor Bahru takes a turn when Olivia’s boyfriend Jiawei decides to tag along. As the trio explore the city with Ariel’s young cousin Bob, their emotions come to the fore, and they are forced to grapple with the magnitude of their decisions.

Ariel & Olivia charts teenage love, relationships and aspirations over the duration of a single weekend. Faced with an uncertain future, their honest dialogue captures the vulnerability of their emotions in a time of transition. Filmmaker Kan Lume’s clear eyed direction cuts a swath through the teenage bravado to surface their deepest insecurities, recollecting a time where every decision seems monumental. With an intuitive sense of self-reflexivity, he parlays their generational struggles into a universality that resonates with sincerity and compassion.


  • web-42-ariel_olivia-director Kan Lume’s first feature The Art of Flirting won Best ASEAN Feature at the Malaysian Video Awards in 2006. His next two films has since travelled to festivals and won awards in Torino and South Korea. A two-time NETPAC Award winner, Kan is one of Singapore’s most prolific independent filmmakers.
  • Kan Lume
  • Kan Lume
  • Koh Jiayi, Mae Chu, Sean Lee
  • Kan Lume (Chapter Free) -

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