Bitcoin Heist

Siêu Trộm


*Filmmaker in Attendance


Special agent Dada gathers a magician, a hacker, a burglar, an accountant and a gamer; forming a magnificent team to execute the ultimate heist - stealing evidence needed to arrest the murderous and corrupt crime boss, dubbed “The Ghost”.

Billed as the world’s first narrative film about Bitcoin, this action-comedy opens the door to the dark web of virtual crimes and cryptocurrency, and is Vietnam’s exuberant take on Ocean’s Eleven. The concept of the booty being virtual is perhaps the most original and intriguing aspect of Bitcoin Heist, reinforcing the idea that money is merely proxy. With quick-fire editing and glossy cinematography, the actioner reflects director Ham Tran’s blockbuster sensibility, declaring its intention to catch up to fellow Asian blockbuster powerhouses like Korea and China.


  • bitcoinheist_director Ham Tran is based in Ho Chi Minh City. He is most famous for his UCLA short The Anniversary, which was shortlisted for the Academy Award for Live Action Short Film. His first feature Journey from the Fall premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. In Bitcoin Heist, the multitalented Ham Tran is not only the director, but also wrote, produced and edited the film.
  • Anderson Le, Mai The Hiep, Ham Tran
  • Ham Tran
  • Thanh Pham, Su Boi, Teo Yoo
  • Old Photo Films (Anderson Le) -

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