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  • web-91-an-still1


    / National Museum of Singapore*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    Culinary and human passions are sensitively threaded together in Kawase’s much loved treatise on the healing power of empathy.

  • web-54-bangkoknites-still3

    Bangkok Nites

    / National Gallery of Singapore

    A portrait of Bangkok working ladies and their Japanese clientele that hits the dusty road with the frantic energy of the beat generation.

  • web-57-california-still1

    Yamato (California)

    / The Arts House*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    The historical backdrop of American presence in Japan and its cultural disjuncture in hybridity is explored through a girl’s musical journey as a rapper.

  • web-63-afugitivefromthepast-still2

    A Fugitive From The Past aka Straits of Hunger

    / National Museum of Singapore

    Voted the sixth greatest Japanese film ever made, Tomu Uchida’s emblematic suspense thriller is a study on the intense revelations of the human psyche.

  • web-93-genpin-still


    / National Museum of Singapore

    A raw and delicate treatise on birth and femininity, told through the journeys of several women in their quests to give life.

  • web-95-themourningforest-still2

    The Mourning Forest

    / National Museum of Singapore

    Two people lose themselves in an ethereal forest of grief in this eloquent deliberation on what it means to be alive.

  • web-92-stillthewater-still1

    Still the Water

    / National Museum of Singapore

    The turbulence of human relations escalates, explodes and settles in tandem with the waves and weather in Kawase’s naturalistic portrait of youth.

  • web-94-suzaku-still


    / National Museum of Singapore

    This love letter to Kawase’s hometown is a sublime and tender contemplation of familial strength and gripping humanity.

  • web-524-wetwomaninthewind-still3

    Wet Woman in the Wind

    / Shaw Theatres Lido
    / The Arts House

    A sexually-liberated temptress latches onto a rural recluse in this audacious pink comedy.