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  • web-42-ariel_oliver-still2

    Ariel & Olivia

    / National Museum of Singapore*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    A charming feature that incisively channels the awkward fumblings of teenagers attempting to find their direction in life.

  • web-510-diamondisland-still1

    Diamond Island

    / National Gallery of Singapore

    Youthful naiveté and bitter reality is presented in vibrant kaleidoscopic vision, within the settings of present day, rapidly-progressing Cambodia.

  • web-6-eternity-still1


    / Shaw Theatres Lido*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    A hypnotic tone poem of three generations of women, as they weather the joys of birth and the tragedies of death across a hundred years.

  • web-6-htbatm-still1

    How to Build a Time Machine

    / Filmgarde Bugis+

    A charming and cerebral film that weaves childhood memories with science fiction, intertwining the past and the future, with time as its conquest.

  • web-131-littlecheung-still1

    Little Cheung

    / National Museum of Singapore

    A heartrending coming-of-age drama layered with nuanced political subtext that moves gently with veracity and earnestness.

  • web-7-winwin-still1


    / Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film

    This late Godard-esque satire of modern day capitalism is too stylish for you.