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  • web-52-absentwithoutleave-still1

    Absent Without Leave

    / National Gallery of Singapore*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    The murky waters of Malaya’s history of Communism are mapped onto the filmmaker’s memoirs of his martyred grandfather.

  • web-6-allthesesleeplessnights-still1

    All These Sleepless Nights

    / Filmgarde Bugis+

    A languid portrait of post-college ennui that dances dreamily on the line between documentary and fiction.

  • web-54-bangkoknites-still3

    Bangkok Nites

    / National Gallery of Singapore

    A portrait of Bangkok working ladies and their Japanese clientele that hits the dusty road with the frantic energy of the beat generation.

  • web-6b1-marathon-still1

    Estonian Animation 2000s

    / Filmgarde Bugis+*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    Delve into the curious world of these animated shorts made during Estonia’s post-independence.

  • web-51-adragonarrives-still1

    A Dragon Arrives!

    / Shaw Theatres Lido

    Expect only the unexpected in Mani Haghighi’s mystifying and audacious stew of genres.

  • web-111-2-datura-still1

    For Nizam: A Retrospective - Programme 1

    / The Arts House

    Gifted with an innate sense of rhythm and an imaginative eye for the visual language of cinema, Nizam’s films are sensorial and examinations of our reality.

  • web-107-imutating-still1


    / The Arts House*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance
    Total duration with accompanying shorts is approximately 71 minutes.

    A hauntological dirge into an individual’s memories, assembled with the logic of cyberspace.

  • web-6-idanielblake-still1

    I, Daniel Blake

    / Shaw Theatres Lido
    / Filmgarde Bugis+

    A drama about two people caught in the flaws of the British welfare system, Ken Loach’s Palme d’Or winner moves with piercing verity.

  • web-6-illegitimate-still3


    / Filmgarde Bugis+

    One of Romania’s most anticipated newcomers shines in this shocking and subversive family drama on forbidden relations.