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  • web-101-darkskull-still2

    Dark Skull

    / The Arts House
    Total duration with accompanying short is 104 minutes.

    Within the entrapping gloom of a mining town, a boy finds out the secret of his father’s death.

  • web-6-thedarkness-still2

    The Darkness

    / Filmgarde Bugis+*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    Gripping and insidious, the darkest sides of human and earthly nature coalesce in this slow burning Mexican horror.

  • web-59-dearestsister-still1

    Dearest Sister

    / National Gallery of Singapore*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    Lao’s only female and horror director returns with an exquisite chiller that holds a mirror towards the neuroses of contemporary Laotian society.

  • web-515-khunpan-still2

    Khun Pan

    / National Gallery of Singapore*
    *Filmmaker and Cast in Attendance

    Guns don’t matter when Sak Yant tattoos and magic comes into the picture in Kongkiat Khomsiri’s accomplished Thai western epic.

  • web-108-lucifer-still1


    / The Arts House

    On his way to hell, Lucifer makes a brief stop in a rural Mexican village.

  • web-134-themidnightafter-still2

    The Midnight After

    / National Museum of Singapore

    Hong Kong gets a post-apocalyptic makeover in this campy caper featuring a raucous ensemble cast.

  • web-6-suntan-still1


    / Filmgarde Bugis+

    A coming-of-middle-age film with a streak of debauchery and psychological head trips.

  • web-2-threesassysisters-still3

    Three Sassy Sisters

    / Shaw Theatres Lido*
    *Filmmaker and Cast in Attendance

    Girl power clashes with traditional family values in this fun and vibrant musical, inspired by Usmar Ismail’s classic from 1956.

  • web-6-turah-still1


    / The Arts House
    / Filmgarde Bugis+*
    *Filmmaker and Cast in Attendance

    Mortality turns fragile when light sparks of dissent arising from a village community reveals the face of their oppressors.