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  • web-6-badenbaden-still2

    Baden Baden

    / Filmgarde Bugis+

    Rachel Lang’s incisive and witty debut tells of a quarter life crisis of a young, rambunctious Ana.

  • web-57-california-still1

    Yamato (California)

    / The Arts House*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    The historical backdrop of American presence in Japan and its cultural disjuncture in hybridity is explored through a girl’s musical journey as a rapper.

  • web-62-theemeraldjungle-still1

    The Emerald Jungle

    / National Gallery of Singapore

    Two ill-fated lovers must overcome the odds to be together amid crime and rebellion set in the jungles of Myanmar.

  • web-113-8-koridore1-still2

    For Nizam: A Retrospective – Programme 3

    Commissioned in 2002 by MediaCorp TV12 Suria, Koridor was a television series based on the award- winning short collection by Singapore writer Alfian Sa’at. Koridor was groundbreaking in its sensitive and poignant portrayal of the Malay community and the filmic aesthetics it brought to local television. The series will be presented with newly translated English subtitles.

  • web-61-santiveena-still2


    / National Museum of Singapore
    With introduction

    A tale of ascetic redemption from the perils of worldly love – long thought to be lost and now gloriously restored.

  • web-45-3-durianpicking-still

    Singapore Panorama Shorts

    / National Museum of Singapore*
    *Filmmakers in Attendance

    A diverse cross section of Singapore voices exploring topics ranging from the restless generation to the preservation of poignant memories.

  • web-6-stilllife-still1

    Still Life

    / Filmgarde Bugis+

    An impressionistic, visceral journey into the underbelly of a slaughterhouse, and the terrifying nightmare of death seen through the eyes of a dog.

  • web-525-whatsupwithlove-still1

    What's With Love 2

    / National Gallery of Singapore*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    The sequel to the popular modern cult romance in Indonesia finds the former lovers, Rangga and Cinta, together again serendipitously.