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  • web-62-theemeraldjungle-still1

    The Emerald Jungle

    / National Gallery of Singapore

    Two ill-fated lovers must overcome the odds to be together amid crime and rebellion set in the jungles of Myanmar.

  • web-63-afugitivefromthepast-still2

    A Fugitive From The Past aka Straits of Hunger

    / National Museum of Singapore

    Voted the sixth greatest Japanese film ever made, Tomu Uchida’s emblematic suspense thriller is a study on the intense revelations of the human psyche.

  • web-61-santiveena-still2


    / National Museum of Singapore
    With introduction

    A tale of ascetic redemption from the perils of worldly love – long thought to be lost and now gloriously restored.

  • web-64-threemaidens-still1

    Tiga Dara

    / National Museum of Singapore
    With Introduction

    An inter-generational comedy from a trailblazer in Indonesia’s cinematic history that dispels the stereotypes of the opposite sexes in love.