Yamato (California)


*Filmmaker in Attendance


Sakura is a temperamental teenager living in a Japanese town with a US military base. She feels disconnected from her family and culture, and pursues her dream of being a rapper – a seemingly lonely craft in this part of Japan. Her musical journey is plagued by her insecurities. That begins to change when one day Rei, her mother’s Californian boyfriend’s daughter, decides to visit. Sakura’s admiration for American rap culture meets Rei’s Japanese-American identity, and they find out they have more in common that they admit.

What transpires is a story of friendship and reconciliation through music. The two girls represent two halves of a complicated relationship allegorical to the politics between Japan and America. But the focus is Sakura, as she discovers her own voice in a place that she has always felt alienated in.


  • web-57-california-director Daisuke Miyazaki was born in 1980 in Yokohama, Kanagawa. He started making films when he was studying at Waseda University. He was one of the directors of the omnibus feature film 5 to 9 (2015), which was screened at the 26th edition of SGIFF. He has worked for many respected contemporary Japanese directors such as Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Kunitoshi Manda.
  • Kotaro Date
  • Daisuke Miyazaki
  • Hanae Kan, Reiko Kataoka, Nina Endo
  • Deep End Pictures Inc. (Daisuke Miyazaki) - daisuke.miyazaki@deependpictures.com

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