The Darkness

Las Tinieblas


*Filmmaker in Attendance


The Earth has stopped spinning. Time is at a standstill.  As eternal twilight beckons, a ravenous beast stalks through the forest enveloped in a thick, toxic fog. In the forest stands a cabin, where young Argel has spent all his life locked in the basement with his two siblings. When Argel’s older brother Marcos disappears, he sets off on a quest that will break with all of the realities that he knows.

Director Daniel Castro Zimbrón hauntingly conjures up a tale about the myths we construct to make sense of the world. As he unravels Argel’s sinuous familial relationships, terrifying secrets come to the fore, making us question exactly how much we know about the people closest to us. With claustrophobic camerawork and an oppressive atmospheric tension, Zimbrón draws us further and further into the shadows of the apocalyptic world.

Organised with the support of the Embassy of Mexico and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico.


  • web-6-thedarkness-director Daniel Castro Zimbrón is a Mexican filmmaker. His debut feature Táu (2012) was in the 1-2 Competition at the Warsaw International Film Festival. The Darkness is the second part of a thematic Trilogy of Light that includes Táu and his planned third feature Sombra. The film was invited to several co-production forums, including the L’Atelier in Cannes in 2014.
  • Pablo Zimbrón Alva
  • Daniel Castro Zimbrón, Denis Languérand, David Pablos
  • Brontis Jodorowsky, Aliocha Sotnikoff Ramos, Camila Robertson Glennie
  • N/A

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