Dead Slow Ahead


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A giant vessel, the Fair Lady, sails across the ocean, with its weary passengers. The ship breathes life, from the beeping sounds of navigators, to the hypnotic rhythm of its gears. There is a disaster onboard, one of such a magnitude, yet no one comes. Surrounded by nothingness, and confined in isolation, the Fair Lady may just be death itself, on the surface of a lost world, steering the men to an unknown destination.

Dead Slow Ahead unexpectedly and successfully blends documentary with sci-fi and horror sensibilities with its impressive use of lighting and sound design. A fascinating depiction of how small and even insignificant men can be, Mauro Herce’s debut feature won the Special Jury Award when it premiered at the Locarno Film Festival in 2015.


  • web-7-deadslowahead-director Mauro Herce was born in Barcelona in 1976. He graduated in mechanical engineering and creative arts in his native Spain, but studied film in Cuba and Paris. He has received recognition as a scriptwriter, and as cinematographer of award-winning films such as The Path (2007) and Ocaso (2010).
  • José Alayon, Ventura Durall, Jasmina Sijercic
  • Mauro Herce, Manuel Muñoz
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