Dearest Sister

Nong Hak


*Filmmaker in Attendance


Nok is a simple-minded village girl who moves to Vientiane to take care of her wealthy cousin Ana, the latter who is confined in her mansion due to a strange disease that is leaving her blind. Uncanny events start to unfold in the household when Nok realises Ana’s dreadful ability to communicate with the dead. Nok finds an opportunity to get rich through Ana’s affliction – a Faustian pact riddled with fear and possession that leads to a monstrous transformation.

Director Mattie Do’s incisive observation of the new incarnations of colonialism and the leer of capitalism influencing the aspirations of Laotian folk are distilled through a female-centric lens. She mounts a critique through a hefty dose of the macabre that blends local folklore and classical genre tropes into her own potent Laotian brew.


  • web-59-dearestsister-director Mattie Do was born in Los Angeles, California, after her parents left Laos during the communist revolution. Returning to Laos in 2010, she now lives with her husband Chris Larsen (scriptwriter for Dearest Sister), and her two dogs Mango and Pocky. Her debut feature Chanthaly (2012) was the first Laotian film to have travelled film festival circuits. Dearest Sister is her second feature.
  • Douangmany Soliphanh, Mattie Do, Christopher Larsen
  • Christopher Larsen
  • Amphaiphun Phommapunya, Vilouna Phetmany, Tambet Tuisk
  • Screen Division (Annick Mahnert) -

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