Mrs. Lee (Miriam Yeung) is on a quest for youth and beauty. With a philandering husband (Tony Leung Ka-fai) and a desire for children, she visits enigmatic chef Mei (Bai Ling), known for her rejuvenating dumplings. Soon, she is hooked. But the dumplings hide a terrible secret, and the price to pay may be too high.

Fruit Chan’s gourmet horror film is a treat for the senses, unraveling twisted threads with loving culinary deliciousness. A knife slicing through supple meat, the delicious crunch of the dumpling, the ecstasy of the aftertaste - all captured through gorgeously lensed visuals by Christopher Doyle. Dumplings is a film that crawls under your skin, as Chan deftly twists the narrative into an insidious brew of stomach churning moral quandaries, coalescing into a chilling and unforgettable finale.


  • Fruit Chan Fruit Chan is a vital figure in Asian Cinema. Since the 90s, he has been ceaselessly pushing the boundaries and quality of the Hong Kong cinema while existing within and navigating the conditions of the country’s film industry. Following the tumultuous progression of political and cultural changes in the country, Fruit Chan’s films have been reinventing genre traditions with a ceaseless enquiry into Hong Kong identity, tracking its anxieties, heritage and its ever shifting image.
  • Peter Chan
  • Fruit Chan, Lilian Lee
  • Miriam Yeung, Bai Ling, Tony Leung Ka-Wai
  • We Distribution / Andree Sham - andree@wedistribution.com

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