The Emerald Jungle

Mya Ga Naing



Pho Thwa, a sawmill owner, lives in the jungle with his granddaughter Myint Myint. The latter falls for Chit Shwe, a young man from Rangoon, when he saves her from an accident. Through a calamitous circumstance, Chit Shwe finds himself fleeing the authorities and into the company of thieves, complicating matters further with his new love and her grandfather.

One of the earliest films from Myanmar to be restored, Mya Ganaing is the debut feature from Maung Tin Maung, one of the fathers of Myanmar cinema. This 2K-format restoration project, kickstarted by MEMORY! Cinema Association, with the assistance of film restoration laboratory, L’Immagine Ritrovata, highlights the majestic history of Myanmar, making it a milestone achievement in Myanmar’s film preservation mission.


  • web-62-theemeraldjungle-director Maung Tin Maung was born in a small town in Lower Burma in 1908. His beginnings in cinema were sealed when he started acting. While still in university, he joined A1-Film, the preeminent local film studio in Myanmar. He has since made more than 40 films, winning numerous awards for acting and directing. He died in Yangon in 2000.
  • A1 Films
  • N/A
  • Daw Myint Myint, U Chit Shwe, U Ba Saw Gyi
  • MEMORY! Cinema Association / Gilles Duval -

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