Focus: Shorts Programme 1: Redefining Togetherness

Shorts Programme 1 (Redefining Togetherness) seeks to expand on the idea of collective gatherings, from revolutionary groups to the public observer, the people in unity.


25 Nov, Sat / 2:00 PM / The Arts House
Various Countries / 2016, 2017 / 74MIN / Various Languages

The Nameless Boy

International Premiere / Jakarta, Indonesia / 5MIN / Bahasa Indonesia

For many, the demonstration is a holy fight against unbelievers. For a boy, it is a free buffet. This film was shot during one of the biggest demonstrations against Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, Jakarta’s former governor who was charged for blasphemy.



Diego Batara Mahameru is a professional videographer. For him, cinema plays an important role for future generations to understand the past.

Along The One Way

Sepanjang Jalan Satu Arah

Singapore Premiere / Solo, Indonesia / 2016 / 16MIN / Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia / M18: Mature Content

The Election day is nigh and the future leadership of Surakarta is at stake, especially with religious issues being propagated in certain circles. A man must choose between his mother and himself.



Bani Nasution, born in Surakarta on 1989, graduated from the Art Institute of Surakarta, Central Java. He is currently finishing his first feature, Setyowati: The Invisible Wife, a documentary about the marriage between human and supernatural beings.


The Silent Mob


Singapore Premiere / Indonesia, Jarkarta / 2016 / 17MIN / Bahasa Indonesia / NC16: Some Coarse Language

A driver arrives at a remote rural area to recruit mobs for a demonstration. What begins as a simple transaction soon spirals into a test of his own humanity.



Harvan Agustriansyah, born in Jakarta in 1980, studied directing at the Film and Television Department of the Jakarta Arts Institute. His thesis film, Orde (2007), has travelled to various national and international film festivals. Currently, he has produced seven short films.

Terra Machine

Mesin Tanah

Asian Premiere / Jatiwangi, Indonesia / 2016 / 16MIN / Bahasa Indonesia, Sundanese / PG

This film is a project of Village Video Festival, which invites urban artists to create art projects in Jatiwangi, a village in Majalengka well known for producing clay roof tiles. The film serves as a parody of the whole process.



Wimar Herdanto, born in Surabaya in 1986, is active in the film communities in his hometown. His previous film, Gundah Gundala (2013), is a tribute to Indonesia’s long forgotten superheroes and a playful study on the cultural imperialism of the West.

A Goat

Seorang Kambing

World Premiere / Solo, Indonesia / 2017 / 20MIN / Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia / PG

Somewhere in the future, a water trader becomes entangled in a plot against the military and martial artists, both whom he suspected are responsible for his neighbours’ missing goats.



Tunggul Banjaransari, born in Solo in 1989, is the only member in his family who is unable to play any musical instrument. He decided to watch films and made some of his own instead.



The Arts House

ON 25 Nov 2017