Focus: Shorts Programme 2: Grassroots Cinema

Shorts Programme 2 (Grassroots Cinema) showcases the building of the film community, empowering youths and telling the stories of the people.


26 Nov, Sun / 2:00 PM / The Arts House
Indonesia / 2016, 2017 / 86MIN / Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bajawa's Language

Trading Places


International Premiere / Indonesia / 2014 / 7MIN / Javanese / PG

Nur and Ratih are identical twins. Nur, unlike her sister, is born mute. Ratih asks Nur to take her place at their school’s math test in exchange for extra pocket money.



Eka Susilawati, born in Purbalingga in 1999, has been making films since middle school. She practiced her craft through extracurricular activities in SMPN 4 Satu Atap Karangmoncol Purbalingga, Central Java.



International Premiere / Indonesia / 2015 / 3MIN / Bahasa Indonesia / PG

A story of a mirror and a conflict which revolves around a dropout and a truant. Social mobility becomes a myth that haunts a society.



Sarah Adilah, born in Palu in 1998, graduated from SMA Al-Azhar Mandiri Palu, Central Sulawesi. She wants to be the first woman filmmaker from Palu.

The Tale of Urut Sewu

Urut Sewu Bercerita

International Premiere / Indonesia / 2016 / 20MIN / Bahasa Indonesia / PG13: Some Mature Content

For years, the farmers’ lives in Urut Sewu, Central Java, have been disturbed by the presence of the Indonesian National Armed Forces in their village. The army not only took over the farmers’ lands, but also acted arrogantly toward the people of Urut Sewu. This film documented the people’s struggle.



Dewi Nur Aeni is a student of SMK N 1 Kebumen, Central Java. Her first film, The Tale of Urut Sewu, won best documentary at Purbalingga Film Festival 2017.

Drowned Eyes

Menenggelamkan Mata

International Premiere / Indonesia / 2016 / 8MIN / Bahasa Indonesia / PG

Every city is a conflict of gazes between what could be seen and what should have been. Two teenagers in Makassar find themselves stuck right in the middle – in between images of the future and silenced wishes of the people.



Feranda Aries is active in the film communities in Makassar, South Sulawesi. In 2017, she graduated from the Film and Television Department of the Makassar Institute of the Arts.

The Call of the Crater

Jalan Pulang

International Premiere / Indonesia / 2014 / 30MIN / Bajawa's Language / PG

In 2010, a girl mysteriously jumped into Kelimutu Crater, Flores. The case was a sensation amongst the local press. Four years later, burdened by agony and longing, her mother decides to retrace her daughter’s steps through photographs, video footages and mystic rituals.



Ignasius Loyola Weamole Somalinggi graduated from the Film Department of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, Tangerang. This thesis film explores the meaning of death in the Bajawa tribe.

Dewi Comes Home

Dewi Pulang

International Premiere / Indonesia / 2016 / 18MIN / Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese / PG

A girl must face the nightmare of her own mother and old family traditions when her father passes away.



Candra Aditya graduated from the Film Department of Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta. He has produced nine short films since then. Other than making films, he regularly writes about Indonesian cinema for various publications.