For Nizam: A Retrospective - Programme 4

Koridor Episode 5: Episod Terakhir (Final Episode)



Episod Terakhir is the fifth and final episode of the Koridor series and it stars Salmah Ibrahim, veteran actress of the Malay film industry and wife of screen legend Nordin Ahmad. Salmah plays Rokiah, an old lady who discovers a dead body along the corridor of her flat during her evening prayers. Through a series of flashbacks and ruminations, she recalls her childhood days living in the kampong (village), a family trip to Jakarta and her daily life in her small HDB flat. Since moving from the kampong she grew up in, Rokiah has never fully gotten used to staying in a flat. Shot by Indonesian acclaimed cinematographer and filmmaker Faozan Rizal, Episod Terakhir is screened for the very first time with Nizam’s original edit. It examines, through the eyes of the elderly, the inevitable sense of loss and belonging in an urban and ever-changing Singapore.


  • flm-BreakingTheIce-Director-AbdulNizam-LOWRES One of the most original and distinctive voices in Singapore cinema, Abdul Nizam was a filmmaker who never stopped searching for the truth of humanity in all his works. From his breakthrough short film Datura to his final feature film Breaking the Ice, he constantly finds new ways to see and understand ourselves and the world around us. Gifted with an innate sense of rhythm and an imaginative eye for the visual language of cinema, Nizam’s films are sensorial and thought-provoking examinations of our reality and identity.
  • Shafie Mustafa
  • Alfian Saat, Abdul Nizam
  • Salmah Ibrahim, Sharon Ismail, Rafa'at Hamzah
  • N/A

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