Forgetting Vietnam


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Forgetting Vietnam retraces the memory of the country to its mythological origin: a conflict between two dragons and the marriage that gave birth to its geography of land and water.

Like its conception, Vietnam today is shaped by the violent conflicts in its history. Here, Vietnam is personified as a woman, trying to adapt to modernity and capitalism. Shot in Hi-8 video in 1995, and HD and SD in 2012, Trinh Minh-ha questions these changes, set amidst the lives of many underprivileged and working women, which the country was built on and still lives upon.


  • web-7-filmsoftm-director An accomplished filmmaker, visual artist and music composer, Trinh Minh-ha’s celebrated works have continuously pushed the boundaries in experimentation within documentaries, narrative fiction and video essays since the 1980s. Born in Vietnam, Trinh’s explorations, using varied mediums coupled with analytical and poetic text, fuse themes of sensuality, gender issues, socialism and more, set amidst rich cultural and historical backdrops. Her astounding body of work includes eight feature films that have been honoured in numerous retrospectives around the world, including Brazil, Croatia and Tokyo, several collaborative visual and multimedia installations, and innumerable publications. A multi-award winner, including of two lifetime achievement awards, Trinh Minh-ha is a tour de force and an inspiring figure in the art world.
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