A Fugitive From The Past aka Straits of Hunger

Kiga Kaikyô



Inugai and two other convicts pull off the perfect crime amid the chaos of a typhoon-stricken Hokkaido. On the run, he takes refuge in the company of Yae, a geisha from a local brothel, before disappearing. Ten years later, Yae finds Inugai once more, this time under a new identity. With his past catching up on him, Inugai is driven to desperate measures to keep his secrets hidden.

One of Tomu Uchida’s most enigmatic works from his post-war career, A Fugitive From The Past is an intricately woven detective drama, exploring guilt and a society unraveling from the aftermath. Shot on 16mm and blown up to 35mm, the film maintains the sense of irony found in all of Uchida’s works, cementing the importance of his role in Japanese cinema. This is a new restoration of the film by Toei studio.


  • web-63-afugitivefromthepast-director With 51 directing credits to his name, Tomu Uchida’s illustrious filmography is commonly seen divided into two parts: pre-war realism (1920-1945) and post-war genre features with social commentary (1954-1960s). Highly regarded as a minor master in Japanese cinema, Uchida’s films continue to influence critics and curators up till today. He died in 1970 while battling cancer.
  • Shigeru Okada
  • Naoyuki Suzuki
  • Rentaro Mikuni, Ken Takakura, Jyunzaburo Ban
  • Toei Company Ltd. / Daichi Yashiki - dai_yashiki@toei.co.jp

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