Hermia & Helena



Director Matías Piñeiro continues his recent Shakespearean-inspired features with a contemporary fable of Camila, an Argentinian theatre practitioner. Journeying to New York City for an Arts fellowship, she attempts to translate A Midsummer Night’s Dream into Spanish. She does so in spurts of inspiration, as her work is interrupted by encounters, both of chance and construct. Her story soon overlaps with motifs and symbols from the Bard’s play, just as the narrative shuttles back and forth New York City and her hometown in Argentina.

Piñeiro is one of contemporary cinema’s most interesting emerging auteurs with a distinct sense of direction, often working with the same ensemble of actors. Hermia & Helena is his first film shot outside Argentina and a hallmark of his playful and breezy experimentations in storytelling.


  • web-105-hermiahelena-director Argentinian director Matías Piñeiro is based in Buenos Aires and New York. He studied and taught filmmaking and film history at Universidad del Cine. His films include The Stolen Man (2007), Rosalinda (2011), Viola (2012) and The Princess of France (2014).
  • Graham Swon, Melanie Schapiro, Jake Perlin, Andrew Adair
  • Matías Piñeiro
  • Agustina Muñoz, María Villar, Mati Diop
  • Trapecio Cine - melanie@trapeciocine.com.ar

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