Hooly Bible II


*Filmmaker in Attendance


Bookended by a traumatic event captured on CCTV which sparked a media firestorm, Hooly Bible II consists of a series of street scenes, shot from a distance, observing conversations and actions that take place along a city square in China. As daily life unfolds through mundane banter and dramatic moments, the state of societal relations within Chinese society is laid bare as daily life unfolds in front of our eyes.

Director Li Hongqi’s documentary defies categorisation, experimental both in its rigid gridlock structure and the associations it makes with appropriated and recorded footage. Strictly observational and seemingly indifferent in the way it presents captured events, Hooly Bible II combats apathy with apathy, forcing us to form our own judgements.


  • web-514-hoolybible-director Li Hongqi, born in 1976 in Shandong Province, China, is a poet, novelist and filmmaker. His first feature So Much Rice (2005) won the NETPAC award at the 58th Locarno International Film Festival. His feature films include Routine Holiday (2008), Winter Vacation (2010) and his documentaries Are We Really So Far of the Mad House (2001), Hooly Bible (2013) and Stranded in Canton (2014), the latter which he co-directed with Måns Månsson.
  • Zhang Jun, Wu Jingbo
  • Li Hongqi
  • N/A
  • China Independent Film Archive (CIFA) / Zimu Zhang - cifarchive@gmail.com

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