I'm Coming Up


*Filmmaker in Attendance
With live sound accompaniment by BALBALAB.


Min-Wei’s first feature is a monumental documentation of an HDB flat in Jurong by way of its entrails. The film seamlessly scales the flat from the ground to top, traversing every available “public” space in its ascent.

I’m Coming Up is a new addition to the canon of Singapore films set in HDBs (after 12 Storeys and 03-Flats) that offers the most intensive look at the space itself. Shot just before sunrise where there are few inhabitants to be seen, the film becomes solely occupied with the interplay between the camera and architecture: the shifting tones, lights and shapes that emerge from movement.

The film will be presented with sound accompaniment by BALBALAB, based on field recordings newly mined from the same HDB block that will be cut up, processed, and reassembled through live sound improvisation.

A collective of experimental musicians from Singapore, BALBALAB comprises Shark Fung, Dennis Tan, Zai Tang and Wu Jun Han. Since 2014, they have been exploring strategies towards electroacoustic improvisation, DIY instrumentation and combining sound with moving image.


  • web-43-imcomingup-director Min-Wei Ting is an artist whose work has screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Singapore International Film Festival, while also exhibited at contemporary art venues such as the CCA Glasgow and the Whitechapel Gallery in London. He holds an MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, London.
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