Little Cheung




In the triad neighbourhoods of Kowloon, Little Cheung (Yiu Yuet-ming) helps out at his father’s restaurant. When he encounters a little immigrant girl, Fan (Mak Wai-fan), they spend the summer delivering food to triad members, and embarking on an ill-advised quest to find Little Cheung’s estranged brother. As the shadow of Hong Kong’s handover looms overhead, it is a summer of innocence lost.

Little Cheung is a trenchant social-realist drama that ponders upon Hong Kong’s political complexities through the eyes of its charismatic nine-year-old lead. Crisscrossing stories of immigrants, gangsters and native Hong Kongers, the film plays out with a considerable depth and vivacity. The stark reality of the city’s social dichotomies come to the fore with Chan’s neo-realist sensibilities as he constructs a world of grimy survivalism.


  • Fruit Chan Fruit Chan is a vital figure in Asian Cinema. Since the 90s, he has been ceaselessly pushing the boundaries and quality of the Hong Kong cinema while existing within and navigating the conditions of the country’s film industry. Following the tumultuous progression of political and cultural changes in the country, Fruit Chan’s films have been reinventing genre traditions with a ceaseless enquiry into Hong Kong identity, tracking its anxieties, heritage and its ever shifting image.
  • Keiko Ino, Makoto Ueda, Doris Yang
  • Fruit Chan
  • Yiu Yuet-ming, Mak Wai-fan, Mak Yuet-man
  • Hong Kong Film Archive -

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