Live From Dhaka


*Filmmaker in Attendance


Within the pressure-cooker reality of living and surviving in Dhaka, physically handicapped Sazzad has just lost all his money in a recent stock market crash. Struggling to survive and hounded by loan sharks, he no longer knows how to deal with his girlfriend Rehana, and his drug-addicted brother, Michael. As the pressure mounts, Sazzad becomes increasingly desperate to find any means to escape from Dhaka and his troubles, sinking deeper into the darkness of his soul.


Shot in grainy black and white, and featuring a powerful performance by actor Mostafa Monwar in the role of Sazzad, first-time feature film director Abdullah Mohammad Saad paints a riveting and complex portrait of a man pushed to his very extreme and his struggle between morality and the instinct for self-preservation.


  • live-from-dhaka-director Abdullah Mohammad Saad was born 1985 in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He graduated with a degree in Education and Research from the University of Dhaka before he started making short films and founded his own production company. Live From Dhaka is his debut feature film.
  • Shamsur Rahman Alvy
  • Abdullah Mohammad Saad
  • Mostafa Monwar, Tasnova Tamanna
  • Khelna Chobi (Adnan Habib) -

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