Ma' Rosa


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Ma’ Rosa runs a small convenient store in a poor neighbourhood in Manila. To make ends meet and to support her family, she resorts to selling narcotics on the side along with her husband. They are captured one day when a raid was conducted at their store. However, they discover that the law wants something more from them and the raid is neither coincidental nor driven by the pursuit of justice.

An urgent film by any means in light of the current war on drugs in the Philippines, Brillante Mendoza does what he does best - portraying the underprivileged under a microscope and magnifying their daily struggles for survival. Aided by strong performances, particularly for the resilient Ma’ Rosa, lead actress Jaclyn Jose nabbed the Best Actress Award when the film screened in competition at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.


  • web-516-marosa-director Brillante Mendoza is one of the leading auteurs of Filipino cinema. He is the first Filipino director to have competed and won in three major international film festivals in Europe. Mendoza continues to make films and documentaries that depict the lives of the Filipinos and the marginalised sectors of society, that screen in festivals around the world.
  • Loreto Larry Castillo
  • Troy Espiritu
  • Jaclyn Jose, Julio Diaz
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