The Midnight After




Seventeen people get on a minibus in Hong Kong, travelling from Mongkok to Tai Po. After going through a tunnel, strange occurrences start to happen around them: once crowded streets become deserted, a couple of passengers get offed through mysterious circumstances, plus the appearance of a strange figure in a gas mask and many other oddities. Is it the end of the world as we know it for our motley crew?

Based on a viral web novel by a Hong Kong writer with the quirky moniker of Mr. Pizza, The Midnight After is a crazy escapade brimming with horror and comedy in its most absurd - a postmodern treatise on the people and spaces in Hong Kong that baffles in tandem with the complexity of its collectivity.


  • Fruit Chan Fruit Chan is a vital figure in Asian Cinema. Since the 90s, he has been ceaselessly pushing the boundaries and quality of the Hong Kong cinema while existing within and navigating the conditions of the country’s film industry. Following the tumultuous progression of political and cultural changes in the country, Fruit Chan’s films have been reinventing genre traditions with a ceaseless enquiry into Hong Kong identity, tracking its anxieties, heritage and its ever shifting image.
  • Amy Chin
  • Chan Fai-hung, Kong Ho-yan
  • Wong You-nam, Simon Yam, Kara Wai
  • Golden Scene Co. Ltd. -

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