The Mobfathers



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Director Herman Yau’s latest film stars comedian Chapman To as Chuck, a lifelong member of the Jing Hing Triads, and Anthony Wong as the titular dailou (Big Boss) of the organisation. Upon his release from prison after a gang fight, Chuck gets thrown into an election in a bid to become the triad’s successor. In the meantime, he tries to reintegrate with his family, who have gotten used to life without him.

Combining swashbuckling action with To’s signature humour, The Mobfathers leads us into the underbelly of Hong Kong’s socio-political fabric by amplifying the triad genre’s tropes to outlandishly comedic proportions. Still, Yau’s trademark is evident throughout - balancing commercial entertainment with political commentary, providing a thinly disguised allegory of Hong Kong’s relationship with China, as well as dreams of democracy.


  • web-519-themobfathers-director Herman Yau is one of Hong Kong’s most prominent filmmakers. He has directed and produced over 70 films, including cult classics such as The Untold Story (1993) and Ebola Syndrome (1996). His films have been extensively shown in commercial cinemas in Asia and at international film festivals.
  • Chapman To
  • Erica Li
  • Chapman To, Anthony Wong, Gregory Wong
  • Golden Scene Co Ltd (Felix Tsang) -

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