The Monument Hunter

Rastreador de estatuas



Recalling a statue that he once visited with his father, a filmmaker from Brooklyn, sets out on a journey back to Chile in search of it. This leads him to even more monuments, and a never-ending array of images and clues in a bid to resurrect the missing links with his neurosurgeon dad and the city of his birth. This ant trail turns into a spiral of associations that fills in the void left by the passing of time.

Jerónimo Rodríguez's debut feature dwells in an inconceivable terrain that mixes essay-like expositions, non-fiction and documentary elements into a lo-fi brew. Part investigative documentary, part dissection of his own personal life and family history, The Monument Hunter follows a surrealist logic of free association with its own unique stoic mindset, posing the idea that personal history is always plural and in the process of reconstruction.


  • web-103-themonumenthunter-director Jerónimo Rodríguez is a Chilean filmmaker currently living in Brooklyn, USA. Trained in law, he has worked as a film critic for BBC, and programmed for Cinema Tropical. He has also penned scripts and produced, with projects including a co-production of Matías Piñeiro’s Princess of France. The Monument Hunter is his first feature film.
  • Jerónimo Rodríguez
  • Jerónimo Rodríguez
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