My City



Hong Kong poet and author, Xi Xi, started writing in the 1950s. With her rich and profound writing style, she found her place in the hearts of many bibliophiles through her novels and more, drawn from everyday places and neighbourhoods.

As Fruit Chan’s first foray into documentary filmmaking, My City becomes not just a portrait of a writer, but also that of Hong Kong. Through interviews with Xi Xi and the people who know her, Fruit Chan paints an image of an ever-changing city that still manages to retain its essence and authenticity. Playful, poetic and engaging, this docu-film transcends the love letter format as a paean to someone’s homeland. My City had its world premiere at the Hong Kong Film Festival in 2015.


  • Fruit Chan Fruit Chan is a vital figure in Asian Cinema. Since the 90s, he has been ceaselessly pushing the boundaries and quality of the Hong Kong cinema while existing within and navigating the conditions of the country’s film industry. Following the tumultuous progression of political and cultural changes in the country, Fruit Chan’s films have been reinventing genre traditions with a ceaseless enquiry into Hong Kong identity, tracking its anxieties, heritage and its ever shifting image.
  • Liao Mei-li
  • Fruit Chan
  • Kar Law, Xi Xi
  • Fisfisa Media / Rebecca Yu -

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