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Nokas wants nothing more than to marry Ci, a Timorese girl who works in a slaughterhouse in Kupang. In traditional Timorese practice, the groom is required to pay a dowry before the couple is able to marry. Poor working conditions and a less than favourable wage makes this a tough undertaking for Nokas. He has to rally his extended family, in the hopes that they will help him ease his monetary woes, to marry the love of his life.

This captivating and touching documentary manages to capture a community’s state of affairs that is quite often only heard of, but never fully known. As his first feature, Manuel Alberto Maia demonstrates his strong and naturalistic command in documentary filmmaking that strikes the right balance between keen observation and affection for his subjects.


  • web-4-nokas-director Manuel Alberto Maia, born in 1989 in Balibo, Timor Leste, finished his Bachelor degree at the Faculty of Education of Nusa Cendana University in Kupang. He founded the Kupang Film Community in 2011. He has made a few short documentaries including Kaos Kupang (2012) and Kabar dari Medan (2014). Nokas is his first feature-length documentary.
  • Shalahuddin Siregar
  • N/A
  • Norwaci Taklale-Hanas, Zelaital Nokas Taklale
  • Raketti Films (Damar Ardi) -

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