Oscuro Animal



Three separate women flee the scene of civil unrest in rural Colombia. Constantly on the move from the guerrillas, they plough through the deep jungle hoping for safety. But no matter where they go, the savage face of war follows them like the titular dark animal. These are women whose identities have been erased and voices silenced by violence and oppression. They each dwell in their own silences, a respite from the ceaseless massacres and sexual abuse they have endured.

Filmed entirely without dialogue, Oscuro Animal presents an eloquent and gripping portrait of the women survivors of war. Their silence conveys moments of fear and despair, while pain is uttered only through groans and sobs. Though their plight is often unseen and unreported, director Felipe Guerrero makes sure that the three protagonists’ being and despair are profoundly felt.


  • web-6-oscuroanimal-director Felipe Guerrero is a Colombian filmmaker and founder of the production and distribution company, Mutokino. His debut feature, Oscuro Animal (2016), was funded by the Hubert Bals Fund and premiered at Rotterdam Film Festival’s Hivos Tiger Awards Competition. It has won several awards, including Best Film at the Lima Latin American Film Festival and Best Iberico-American Director at the Guadalajara Film Festival.
  • Gema Juárez Allen
  • Felipe Guerrero
  • Marleyda Soto, Jocelyn Meneses, Luisa Vides, Verónica Carvajal
  • N/A

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