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  • web-7-filmsofthp-unconcealmenota-still

    Covets of an Outsider: Showcase of Works by Toh Hun Ping (2004-2009)

    / Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    A collection of innovative and bold experimental shorts, from one of Singapore’s most inventive contemporary video artist, paired with a show-and-tell session and live performance.

  • web-101-darkskull-still2

    Dark Skull

    / The Arts House
    Total duration with accompanying short is 104 minutes.

    Within the entrapping gloom of a mining town, a boy finds out the secret of his father’s death.

  • web-6-thedarkness-still2

    The Darkness

    / Filmgarde Bugis+*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    Gripping and insidious, the darkest sides of human and earthly nature coalesce in this slow burning Mexican horror.

  • web-7-deadslowahead-still3

    Dead Slow Ahead

    / Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film

    Science fiction and horror collide in this non-fiction film, set within a massive ship against the backdrop of an unforgiving ocean.

  • web-59-dearestsister-still1

    Dearest Sister

    / National Gallery of Singapore*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    Lao’s only female and horror director returns with an exquisite chiller that holds a mirror towards the neuroses of contemporary Laotian society.

  • web-510-diamondisland-still1

    Diamond Island

    / National Gallery of Singapore

    Youthful naiveté and bitter reality is presented in vibrant kaleidoscopic vision, within the settings of present day, rapidly-progressing Cambodia.

  • web-511-dontlookatmethatway-still2

    Don't Look At Me That Way

    / National Gallery of Singapore*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance

    A raw and forceful feminist debut fueled by cultural excess.

  • web-51-adragonarrives-still1

    A Dragon Arrives!

    / Shaw Theatres Lido

    Expect only the unexpected in Mani Haghighi’s mystifying and audacious stew of genres.

  • web-133-dumplings-still2


    / National Museum of Singapore

    A genre masterwork that blends subversive social realism with deliciously thrilling horror reinventions.