The Plague at the Karatas Village

Chuma V Aule Karatas



A young mayor arrives at Karatas, hoping to salvage what is left of the crumbling remote village. He soon discovers that it is struggling with a plague epidemic, which the local authorities are determined to conceal as flu. Soon, the infected drop like flies but the remaining inhabitants continue to dance, maintaining their absurd sunny disposition amidst their dark world, baffling the idealistic newcomer.

An uncanny blend of expressionist horror, Brechtian theatre and film noir, the comic disorder at Karatas is accentuated by dim lighting, smoke and shadows, aided by an ominous and minimalistic score, lending to the peculiar atmospherics of the village. Director Adilkhan Yerzhanov’s The Plague at The Karatas Village (2016) presents us with a surrealistic and satirical image of political corruption, prevalent in present-day Kazakhstan.


  • web-520-plagueatkaratas-director Adilkhan Yerzhanov graduated from Kazakhstan’s National Academy of Arts. His film, The Owners (2014) premiered at Cannes and won awards at the Warsaw International Film Festival and Chicago International Film Festival. His latest feature, The Plague at Karatas Village (2016) won the NETPAC Award at its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016.
  • Olga Khlasheva, Serik Abishev
  • Adilkhan Yerzhanov
  • Aibek Kudabayev, Nurbek Mukushev, Tolganai Talgat, Konstantin Kozlov, Ademoka
  • Short Brothers (Olga Khlasheva) -

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