Santa Teresa & Other Stories

Santa Teresa y otras historias


Total duration with accompanying short is 90 minutes.


Taking Roberto Bolaño’s epic novel 2666 as its starting and departure point, Santa Teresa and Other Stories is a radically innovative hybrid docu-fiction, a lyrical portrait of the fictitious border city of Santa Teresa. With a backdrop of extreme depictions of violence in the city, the film dovetails into a spectral trail of visions and dreams of the town, a heterogeneous testimony that runs across timeframes and blurs the line between fiction and reality, naturalistic beauty and a domineering sense of doom.

Director Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias provides new aesthetic strategies that affirm the poetics of cinema as a political tool. In Santa Teresa, the inertia and weight of a violent present is made to stutter, paving the way to mysterious intrigue of various degrees in its drive to understand and move forward with renewed perspectives.

Santa Teresa and Other Stories will be screened with I Can Only Show You The Color.  Total duration is 90 minutes.


  • web-104-santateresa-director Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias is a Dominican filmmaker. His shorts include SheSaidSheWalks (2009), awarded a British Academy Film Award for best experimental short film, Should We Go Home? (2010) and Lullabies (2014). He is currently developing his second feature Cocote, which was awarded the World Cinema Fund by the Berlin Film Festival.
  • Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias
  • Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias
  • Priscilla Lazaro, Marie-Aimé Montalembert, Cristina Kahlo, Megan Cuevas
  • Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias -

I Can Only Show You the Colour

Solo te puedo mostrar el color



In 2009, Dorato Resources Inc. a Canadian mining company plows through the Peruvian jungle. They are permitted by law, but did not seek the consent of the Awajún natives, known for their fearlessness. This film documents their oppression and reaction.


  • web-104-1-icanonlyshowyouthecolour-director Fernando Vílchez Rodríguez studied Philosophy in Lima and Filmmaking in Madrid. His films, which are concerned about fractures in Peruvian society, include The Calm (2011), La Espera (2014) and I Can Just Show Up (2014). He programmes for the Lima International Independent Film Festival.

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