The Short Films of Ana Lily Amirpour

Known for her genre-bending feature films A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2014) and The Bad Batch (2016), Ana Lily Amirpour’s films epitomise a distinctive and adventurous vision. In this programme, we see her subversive humour, feminist sensibilities and a keen interrogation of social constructs. They brim with the originality that makes her one of the most exciting filmmakers working today. Read what she has to say about each of these shorts in the programme.


29 Nov, Wed / 7:00 PM / Filmgarde Bugis+
Various Countries / 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 / 59MIN / Various Languages / NC16: Sexual References and Some Coarse Language
*Filmmaker in Attendance

Six and a Half

USA / 2009 / 5MIN / English

“A little girl tries to catch a frog in a pond and in the process gets injured. The trauma becomes the seed that drives this revenge story. This film was based on a few childhood memories I had of catching frogs and dissecting them, also getting stitches as a kid… mashed up into one parable about childhood feelings of domination, pain and revenge. The first and only film I shot on film (Super 16mm).”


• Golden Ace Award, Las Vegas International Film Festival 2009
• Official Selection, Slamdance Film Festival 2009
• Official Selection, Milan International Film Festival 2009

True Love

USA / 2009 / 12MIN / English

“A single guy walks into a seemingly normal restaurant filled with couples, but when he realizes the menu is filled with sexual acts, he doesn’t know what to order and things start to get uncomfortable. I made this surrealist anecdote about relationships when I was contemplating my own misery being married, and the inherent awkwardness of the couple system, and finding sexual compatibility. I eventually got divorced. I made this film in my final year of marriage.”


• Audience Award, Milano International Film Festival Awards 2010


Ana Lily Amirpour Likes This

USA / 2010 / 8MIN / English

“An experimental short film I made in 2010 ruminating on social media. Shot and edited by and starring myself.”

Hairy (AKA Pashmaloo)

USA, Iran / 2011 / 17MIN / Farsi

“Farah and Nilou are opposites – Farah is from the US and Nilou was born and raised in Iran – and when they climb a remote hillside outside Tehran to hang out and listen to music, their differences come to a head when Farah tries to explain why girls shouldn’t be ‘hairy’. After visiting Iran, I was really fascinated by the cultural and societal divides between myself and my Iranian cousins. It seemed amazing to me that if my parents hadn’t left, I would have grown up with extremely different teenage realities.”


• Official Selection, Berlin International Film Festival 2011

A Little Suicide

Germany / 2012 / 10MIN / English

“In a world where people hate you without exception and kill you mercilessly, it’s no wonder this cockroach is suicidal. A cockroach, frustrated with being the target of hate, sets out to kill himself, but on this particular day he finds himself in a world of kindness that throws off his plans. Made for the Berlin Film Festival (Berlin Today Award in 2012), this short film was shot in a summer in Berlin, with a mix of stop-motion animation and live action.”


• In-competition, Edinburg International Film Festival 2012
• In-competition, Oldenburg Film Festival 2012
• In-competition, Zlín International Film Festival for Children and Youth 2013

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

USA / 2011 / 7MIN / No dialogue

“A girl walks home alone at night and a man follows her with insidious intentions, but when he gets to her apartment, she turns the tables in the most surprising way…with her fangs. This is a short film I made and birthed the character of ‘The Girl’, an Iranian vampire. When I made this short film, I wasn’t planning on it being a feature, but then I kept thinking about The Girl, and I loved this character so deeply I wanted to do a whole movie around her. And so that ended up being the first feature film I made.”


• Citizen Kane Award for Best Directorial Revelation, Carnet Jove Jury Award, Sitges Film Festival 2014
• Bingham Ray Breakthrough Director Award, Gotham Awards 2014
• Festival Prize, Bucharest International Film Festival 2015



Filmgarde Bugis+

ON 29 Nov 2017