Siew Lup



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Mia, an ex-prostitute, is trapped in a loveless marriage with the abusive Quan (Sunny Pang, who also stars in Headshot in this year’s Festival lineup), a butcher who runs a roast meat shop. When she meets sensitive funeral director Wu, their passion for one another escalates into an affair. But the path to true love is fraught with jealousy, forcing someone to make a deadly move.

Siew Lup is a lascivious revenge thriller from director Sam Loh, who served up the deliciously twisted Lang Tong in 2014. Drawing inspiration from Asian genre films including the works of Takashi Miike, and the lineage of Hong Kong Cat III exploitation films. Loh daringly taps into the vein of femme fatale anti-heroes to craft a lurid tale of embittered love. He proves to have a taste for the darkest impulses of the human psyche, tantalizing audiences with a stylish film that will linger on the palate long after the final twist is dished out.


  • web-44-siewlup-director Sam Loh is a director with more than 15 years of film and TV experience, with credits including Code of Law and In Cold Blood. In addition to his two feature films Outsiders (2004) and Lang Tong (2014), Loh has directed the shorts films Satyre (2004), Malice (2005) and Vivid (2008).
  • Toong Soo Wei, Gary Goh
  • Sam Loh
  • Rebecca Chen, Melody Low, Sunny Pang, Louis Wu
  • Sim Wee Boon (mm2 Entertainment Pte Ltd) -

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