The Space Between Things

El espacio entre las cosas



As with the saying in Chris Marker’s The Case of the Grinning Cat, “It is a great asset in life not to know what you are talking about.”

Raúl Del Busto’s film starts off with questions and a will to explore and understand the exterior world. It takes the guise of an essay film set within a universe both real and constructed, involving a detective who experiences a string of strange occurrences. His subjectivity soon merges with the narrator of the film. Grappling with the significance of these strings of encounters, the subject searches for meaning, meandering through different spaces and timeframes, drifting into a flattened sense of consciousness. The Space Between Things is an important work of experimental cinema that was awarded the Best Peruvian Film of the Year by the Association of Cinematographic Press and Godard Magazine.


  • web-106-thespacebetweenthings-director Raúl Del Busto studied Communications at Instituto Peruano de Publicidad in Lima, Peru. His short films include Emergency (2004) and Cyrus (2004). His first feature Behind the Sea was released in 2005.
  • Cyntia Inamine
  • Raúl Del Busto
  • Ryowa Vehara, Natalia Peña, Fernando Vilchez
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