Nestled in the gentle rhythms of a mountainous village of the Nara prefecture, a family grapples with the emotional aftershocks of an economic fallout. Young Michiru and her cousin Eisuke discover that the world isn’t as kind as their childhood promised. In their relative isolation, they search for a tenuous peace.

Kawase’s landmark debut feature is a cleared-eyed rumination on the fragile nature of familial relationships as they splinter under the indifferent determinism of modernity. Continuing from her personal documentaries and short films, Suzaku casts a scrutiny on the fraught bonds of family history and memory. As she draws out the wordless moments of introspection with a characteristic gentleness, Kawase reveals the beautiful juxtaposition of a life that is both tranquil and fractured.


  • naomikawase-profile Since her emergence in the 1990s, Naomi Kawase has cemented herself as one of the most respected and adroit filmmakers of contemporary Japanese cinema. Her films are a window into the inner worlds of nature and humanity, illuminating the quiet humanism that is present in all our lives. She has made more than 30 documentary and fiction works that have been lauded by critics, festivals and audiences all over.
  • Takenori Sento, Koji Kobayashi
  • Naomi Kawase
  • Machiko Ono, Hajime Kunimura, Sachiko Izumi
  • N/A

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