Tales of Two Who Dreamt

Historias de dos que Soñaron


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A Roma family seeking asylum in an aging housing block in Toronto rehearse a string of stories inspired by their neighbours. One of them is of the boy who turns into a bird overnight, while others are of similarly odd or tragic characters recollected from past conversations. These are the stories of the outsiders in society, discriminated and displaced in an environment that is harsh and unforgiving.

Shot in black and white, Tales of Two Who Dreamt straddles the thin line between fiction and reality. While the adults dream up their stories and perfect the lines of their script, the housing block continues to breathe its own quiet character that connects the existing families to each other, bearing witness to the ghostly occupants who have come and gone, and those who remain.


  • web-7-totwds-director-nicolasperedaweb-7-totwds-director-andreabussmann Nicolás Pereda is a Mexican director whose feature film, Summer of Goliath, won several awards, including the Venice Horizons Award at the 2010 Venice Film Festival. Andrea Bussmann is a Canadian filmmaker and producer trained in Social Anthropology. In 2011, she released her first documentary, He Whose Face Gives No Light.
  • Dan Montgomery, Nicolas Pereda, Andrea Bussmann
  • Nicolas Pereda, Andrea Bussmann
  • Sandorné Laska, Sandor Laska, Timea Laska, Alexander Laska, Viki Laska
  • INTERIOR XIII / Mariana Sandoval - mariana@interior13.com

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