Entertainment reporter David Farrier chases down bizarre stories for a living. When he comes across an ad online for “Competitive Endurance Tickling”, wherein young men were paid to be bound and tickled, he thought he struck gold. What started out as research for a light-hearted interest piece takes a sudden turn when the company he reaches out to lashes out maliciously.

An investigative docu-thriller down the “tickling wormhole”, this well-captured exposition is an unexpected tale pitting a regular David and a demented Goliath. As the directors’ probe deeper and deeper, an online underworld is revealed. The dangers of the web have never been more real or convincing, nor has tickling been made so harrowing. Tickled was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.


  • web-6-tickled-director-davidfarrierweb-6-tickled-director-dylanreeve Both from New Zealand, David Farrier and Dylan Reeve are social media friends who teamed up after receiving abusive messages from Jane O’Brien Media. Farrier is an entertainment and culture journalist who worked extensively with New Zealand’s TV3 network, while Reeve is an Internet expert and post-production editor working mostly in TV. Tickled is their first collaboration and debut feature.
  • Carthew Neal
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  • Magnolia Pictures / Lorna-Lee Sagebiel Torres - LSagebiel@magpictures.com

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