Tiga Dara

Three Maidens


With Introduction


Three sisters, Nunung, Nana and Nenny, live with their father and grandmother. While Nana and Nenny are outgoing, the more introverted Nunung becomes an object of concern when her grandmother realizes she might not live to see her eldest granddaughter wed. In a series of attempts, the family helps to find Nunung a suitor, leading to some unexpected results.

This restoration effort, spearheaded by SA Films, and with the assistance of film-restoration laboratory L’Immagine Ritrovata in Italy and PT Render Digital Indonesia, is the first Indonesian film to be restored in the highest 4K format. 60 years after its making, Usmar Ismail’s commercial foray into musical-comedy went on to become his first major success. Tiga Dara continues to exert its influence on modern Indonesian films till today, even inspiring a remake by award-winning filmmaker Nia Dinata in 2016.

The screening will include an introduction by the film’s digital restoration director, Taufiq Marhaban.


  • web-64-threemaidens-director After leaving the military, Usmar Ismail decided to pursue his dreams as a filmmaker. Renowned as one of the native pioneers of Indonesian Cinema, he established Perfini Studios in the early 1950s with the aim of making quality Indonesian films. His international claim to fame was with Fighters for Freedom in 1961, which documented Indonesian independence from the Dutch and French.
  • Usmar Ismail
  • M. Alwi Dahlan, Usmar Ismail
  • Chitra Dewi, Mieke Wijaya, Indriati Iskak
  • SA Films / Alex Sihar - alex.sihar@gmail.com

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