Town in a Lake



*Filmmaker and Cast in Attendance


When a schoolgirl is murdered and her companion goes missing, the entire town of Matangtubig is rocked to its core and a search for the perpetrators begins. Amidst the chaos of media frenzy and memorial vigils, there is a witness to the crime. To tell the truth however, would mean changing the lives of everyone in the town, and the consequences may be worse than the perpetrated act itself.

Town In A Lake is an intriguing tale of how a small community deals with tragedy under political corruption and journalistic scrutiny. Director Jet Leyco artfully combines colours with lighting, revealing the wicked nature of the night, where all forms of immoral sins come to play. In between the ominous dread, lies a sardonic commentary on media sensationalism and an examination into the heart of darkness.


  • web-5-towninalake-director Jet Leyco is an independent filmmaker, cinematographer and editor. Having worked under renowned Filipino directors like Lav Diaz and Khavn De La Cruz, he gained recognition when his thesis feature, Ex Press, was selected to screen at international festivals in 2011. Town In A The Lake is his third feature film.
  • Fernando Ortigas, E A Rocha, Ting Nebrida, Jet Leyco, QCinema International Film Festival
  • Brian Benedict Gonzales
  • Amante Pulido, Dylan Talon, Miles Kanapi, Joel Saracho
  • Kerberus Kinorama Klassiks (Jet Leyco) -

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