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The residents of Kampung Tirang live in dilapidated shacks, earning just enough for their next meal. The hardworking and reliable Turah has been appointed by the cooperative leader to tend to complaints or settle conflicts that arise in the village. Peace in the settlement is disrupted when the alcoholic Jadag starts questioning the governance of the village. His accusations towards the leaders soon land both Turah and the whole village into further trouble.

Director Wicaksono Wisnu Legowo’s debut is inspired by the lives of the inhabitants from the same village in Tegal, Central Java. Featuring a host of theatre and community actors, and in its native language, Turah paints an authentic picture of the struggles of the lower class amidst corruption and indifference from the privileged upper class.


  • web-6-turah-director Wicaksono Wisnu Legowo, born in 1983, is an Indonesian filmmaker from Tegal, Central Java. He studied film at the Jakarta Institute of Arts. His first short film Tobong (2006) won a special award at the Indonesian Film Festival. Turah is his first feature film.
  • Ifa Isfansyah
  • Wicaksono Wisnu Legowo
  • Ubaidillah, Slamet Ambari, Yono Daryono
  • Fourcolours Films (Narina Saraswati) - publicist@fourcoloursfilms.com

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