Walking Street


*Filmmaker and Cast in Attendance


After Tae-gi brashly commits a crime, his mute brother Teae-sung (Korean heart throb Baek Sung-hyun) escapes with him to Pattaya, a foreign land where they live moment by moment. They stumble upon Jee-na, a Korean prostitute exploited by her own mother, stuck in a land where every business transaction is against her will. The brothers fall in love with her, leading to a love triangle that will threaten the bond between them.

Walking Street marks a new development in director Lee Sang-woo’s oeuvre, exploring the tensions and tenderness of familial bonds and romance with a raw, yet impressionistic cinematic quality. In Walking Street, Pattaya is not just a physical space but a liminal zone, a dreamland where his characters tragically search for their salvation.


  • web-523-walkingstreet-director Lee Sang-woo graduated from UC Berkeley, majoring in film. His debut, Tropical Manila (2008), was invited to the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and his second feature, Mother is a Whore (2009), gained attention at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. His feature Dirty Romance (2015) competed at SGIFF’s Silver Screen Awards.
  • Na Yong-kuk
  • Lee Sang-woo
  • Baek Sung-hyun, Lee Si-kang, Yoo Ji-su, Lee Song-lee
  • Lee Sang-woo - daysofhell@naver.com

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