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Boonsong Nakphoo’s Wandering transposes the calmness and clarity of a meditative state into a narrative about an aging man’s unlikely journey into monkhood. Mourning the disappearance of his wife and the death of his son, the man turns to the bottle to drown his sorrows, wandering aimlessly in a constant inebriated state. Upon an encounter with a solitary monk, the man begins a transformative journey where he is confronted with his desires and emotional baggage.

Wandering exudes a profound simplicity and purity. It perceives subtle acts of compassion through the simplest forms of dialogue and gestures. It illuminates the potential of enlightenment even with one’s deep failings, showing how resentful solitary wanderings in life can be transfigured into a process of contemplation, a pilgrimage of the mind that one can only embark alone.


  • web-8-wandering-director Boonsong Nakphoo graduated with a degree in Dramatic Arts from Chulalongkorn University. Previously working with commercial film studios, Boonsong turned to independent filmmaking with Poor People the Great (2010), Four Stations (2012) and Village of Hope (2014). Wandering is his fourth feature.
  • Boonsong Nakphoo
  • Boonsong Nakphoo
  • Yasaka Chaisorn, Pra Kammatthan Pawattano, Anchalee Chobtrong
  • Plapen FIlm Studio (Boonsong Nakphoo) - suebfilmmaker@gmail.com

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