Wet Woman in the Wind

Kaze Ni Nureta Onna



Shiori, the “stray dog” with an insatiable sex drive, rides into Kosuke’s quiet life with a splash. She pursues the washed-up playwright aggressively, relentless in her erratic teasing despite his vow of solitude and celibacy. The film then snowballs into raunchy exuberance, externalising emotions with fervent sexual provocation.

Commissioned by Nikkatsu Corporation, Wet Woman in the Wind is an off-the-wall comedy reboot of their long-dormant Roman Porno genre. Modelled after its predecessors, it was filmed in a week under a shoestring budget. Hidetoshi Shinomiya’s exquisite cinematography is set to Shunsuke Kida’s playfully suggestive score, creating a titillating synergy with director Akihiko Shiota’s unquenchable script and direction. Lead actors Yuki Mamiya and Tasuku Nagaoka share an intoxicating chemistry, their vivid performances adding affection to the absurdity. The film premiered at Locarno Film Festival’s Golden Leopard competition.


  • web-524-wetwomaninthewind-director Akihiko Shiota is a Japanese film director and screenwriter born in Kyoto in 1961. Alongside Shinji Aoyama and Kiyoshi Kurosawa, he made films while studying at Rikkyo University. He learnt screenwriting under Atsushi Yamatoya thereafter. He often uses sexual intimacy as a microcosm of society. Moonlight Whispers (1999), Harmful Insect (2001) and Dororo (2007) have been awarded internationally.
  • Komuro Naoko, Masuda Shinichiro, Takahashi Masahiko
  • Akihiko Shiota
  • Mamiya Yuki, Nagaoka Tasuku, Tei Ryushin, Suzuki Michiko
  • Nikkatsu - m.furukawa@nikkatsu.co.jp

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