What's With Love 2

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2


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It has been 10 years since Rangga and Cinta have parted, leaving each other with mere memories of their romance. Cinta now owns a mini pop art café in Jakarta, while Rangga is the co-owner of a coffee shop in New York. A situation arises, forcing Rangga to return to Jogjakarta, where coincidentally Cinta is vacationing. Upon discovering Rangga’s whereabouts, Cinta decides to meet him. Sparks are reignited, but with their new lives on track, can Rangga and Cinta afford to rekindle their love?

Picking up from director Rudy Soedjarwo’s original, What’s With Love 2 hits all the right notes from its predecessor with its charming love story, tales of friendship and heartwarming drama. Riri Riza’s script, combined with strong performances from the returning actors, Dian Sastrowardoyo and Nicholas Saputra, makes this sequel another modern Indonesian classic.


  • web-525-whatsupwithlove-director Riri Riza is an Indonesian director, producer and screenwriter. His most successful film to date, Rainbow Troops (2008), broke the record for being Indonesia’s biggest box-office film. Till now, he is considered one of the leading film directors of post reform Indonesian cinema, for his ability to straddle both arthouse and commercial success.
  • Mira Lesmana
  • Mira Lesmana, Prima Rusdi
  • Dian Sastrowardoyo, Nicholas Saputra, Adinia Wirasti
  • Miles Films (Andanari Yogaswari) - milespublicist@yahoo.com

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