White Ant



*Filmmaker and Cast in Attendance


White Ant is a quiet bookstore clerk - socially inept and unable to fit into normal society because of a dark secret he harbours. A traumatic past event leaves him with an uncontrollable fetish for women’s underwear. As his only form of sexual gratification, he steals female lingerie from the neighbourhood. When he receives a video recording of himself caught in the act, his world begins to unravel.

This debut fiction feature by documentary filmmaker Chu Hsien-Che is a poignant and sensitive portrait on the perversion of desire. It provides an exposition on the nature of perversion itself, its genesis and transference through encounters. Ultimately, it shows how one deals with trauma and what it takes for one to desire freely again.


  • web-9-whiteant-director Chu Hsien-Che worked as a documentary filmmaker for more than two decades. His works include West Island (2000), which screened at the Yamagata International Film Festival, Pick of the Litter-Stray Dogs in Taiwan (2001), which won Best Documentary at the Golden Horse Film Festival, and An Exposure of Affected Hospital (2007). White Ant is his debut fiction feature film.
  • Chen Nan Hong
  • Chu Hsien-Che
  • Wu Kang-Jen, Aviis Zhong, Yu Tai-Yan
  • Ablaze Image (Jennifer Lee) - jenniferlee@ablazeimage.com

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