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A quartet of smooth-talking, luxuriously dressed, international business people are about to take over a renowned Austrian company. Confident and poised, they speak words that veil more than they reveal, hiding behind smiles. What the company deals in, or what the quartet does, is teased in vague terms. An artificial partnership arises, with enormous stakes, involving politicians and other high-powered executives.

A titillating excursion made entirely out of buzz lines from multi-million dollar organizations in contemporary society, Daniel Hoesl’s playful second feature is as sharp as the fashion senses of the four members of the powerful conglomerate. A rigidly constructed and almost absurdist work, helped by the poker-faced performances from the seasoned actors, WINWIN is a blatant portrayal of the insincerity of capitalism in this day and age, as ridiculous and funny as empty promises themselves.


  • web-7-winwin-director Daniel Hoesl was born in St. Pölten, Austria. He is a filmmaker and writer, known for works such as his debut feature Soldier Jane (2013), as well as short films The Truth (2008) and Lektion von alltäglichem Pathos (2006). WINWIN, Daniel’s second feature film, premiered at the 2016 International Film Festival Rotterdam.
  • Daniel Hoesl, Georg Aschauer, Katharina Posch, Gerald Kerkletz, Julia Niemann
  • N/A
  • Christoph Dostal, Stephanie Cumming, Jeff Ricketts
  • Stray Dogs / Laura Nacher -

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