Withered Green

Akhdar Yabes



Withered Green is a rare glimpse into the life of Iman, a dutiful middle-aged Egyptian woman grappling with the minutiae of everyday life. When her sister is faced with a marriage proposal, she is forced to ask her uncles for a favour to meet the groom’s family, as to fulfill the customary male presence for the marriage agreement.

Director Mohammed Hammad eschews large dramatic tensions in favour of small moments that depict the typical struggles faced by women in the face of strong patriarchal forces. The life of Iman unfolds with remarkable depth through Mohammed El Sharqawi's subtle and understated cinematography. The cumulative effect is more than the sum of its parts – of incredible restraint and empathy – for an individual who finds beauty in her strength amidst a rigid social structure.


  • web-6-witheredgreen-director Mohammed Hammad is one of Egypt’s burgeoning circle of independent filmmakers. He got his start working as an assistant director on many films, and his last two short films - Central (2008) and Ahmar Bahet (2010) - were critically acclaimed. Withered Green (2016) is his debut feature, which had its world premiere at the 69th Locarno International Film Festival.
  • Mohammed Hammad, Kholoud Saad, Mohammed El Sharqawi
  • Mohammed Hammad
  • Heba Ali, Asmaa Fawzi, John Ekram Hanna
  • 11 Productions / Kholoud Saab - Kholoudsaad81@gmail.com

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